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Rachel BRUN

Rachel Brun : Painter artist
Rachel Brun : Painter artist

I was born in L’Arbresle, France, in 1973. I grew up in this beautiful region of the Beaujolais, which lies in the heart of vineyards and emblematic golden stones villages.

In my childhood, I was always attracted to the beauty of these landscapes, varying at each passing season.

My deep affinity for nature, colours and ambiences were fostered by a number of moves to places like Algeria and the Champagne region, as well as regular visits to my parents in the French Caribbeans (Guadeloupe), and of course, Ireland, where I now reside. At the age of 25, I decided to take art classes, which helped me gain the technique needed in watercolour, oil painting, drawing, sketching…

I decided to focus on oil painting, as it offers me a larger freedom of expression. All my paintings are inspired by a single word, a phrase, a feeling: This is why they are all so different and unique. Once inspired, I can let my brush move from abstract to figurative, unconditionally.

I wish to pay homage to my grand-mother and god-mother Marie-Antoinette Dupoizat whom, via her talent, taught and shared with me the love of painting.

Now, sit back and relax…

I hope you enjoy my creativity.



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